SUMMER IN THE HORSE is a summer program for children from grades K-5. 
We meet at the Canyon Elementary School in Hungry Horse.  We serve a hot
meal each day and anyone in the community can join us for lunch.  Many times
the parents will come and eat lunch with their children and some of the older kids
in the community will come by for a good hot meal.  We always welcome guests to
to come share a good meal and some fellowship.  It is a good time of outreach to 
our community.  The program for the children consists of crafts, games in the gym
as well as in the great outdoors, and a time of learning about the great men and 
women of the Bible.  They were people just like us that God changed and used to 
bless others. These fun summer activities begin the week after school is out.
Included during this time period is our “funtastic” Vacation Bible School called
(WOW Week) and our Sports Camp, a time for archery and other fun sports.
We also learn about our great and AWESOME God who loved us so much that
He sent His Son to die for our sins allowing us a chance to come back to Him!
This all starts Monday to Thursday, June 11 – July 26 from 9:45 AM to 12:15

Do all to the glory of God